Interested in making your bar the hottest joint in town? Follow my tips to find out what makes a bar great:

  1. Hot bars are high energy

The key to having a high energy bar comes down to the music. Hire a DJ to play songs that have a lot of beats-per-minute to keep your customers moving and grooving.

  1. Build your bar to suit the tastes of your target demographic

If you want your patrons to spend money in your bar, you must give them what they want. It is important that everything (i.e. the finishes, walls, textures, beverages, foods, etc.) will be pleasing to the customers in your demographic.

  1. Never drink in your own bar

It is important that you keep things professional at all times. If there’s a big crowd and your staff is working hard to take care of your customers needs, your place is beside them, helping to keep up with the demand. Even on a slow night, there is no excuse. Your bar is your place of business- drink on your own time.

  1. Use visuals to up your hotness factor

Make sure that your bar, food, drinks, design, artwork, entertainment, uniforms, etc. are visually appealing to your customers. If your bar is missing any of these elements, it won’t matter if you serve the best burger and/or cocktail in town. No one wants to go to a bar that they think is uncool.

  1. Innovative Beverages

An easy way to increase the cool factor of your bar is with the addition of fresh, new cocktails. Trendy drinks are always a crowd pleaser, so be sure to set aside time with your bartender to learn and keep up with the new recipes. Beer cocktails and flavored spirits are also really popular. Make sure to switch up your selection to get an accurate idea of what your customer’s preferences are.
You may also want to invite your employees to get creative and to come up with some innovative recipes of their own; just make sure they look appealing. Garnish them appropriately and serve them in unique glassware for an extra touch.