One of the key components of setting your bar, nightclub or restaurant up for success lies in neighborhood marketing, which are localized, grass roots, relationship building programs that create customer loyalty and frequency.
There are seven key steps to building your sales through this program.
1.  Gather Data: Set yourself up for success by gathering sales history, guest and employee satisfaction surveys, along with product mix and competitive evaluations. In addition, management input, marketing history, trade areas and traffic generation is important information to obtain. The more data collected the better.
2.  Analyze Data: Take all of the relevant information collected and analyze your strengths/weaknesses to determine your marketing conclusions.
3.  Set Objectives: Setting key objectives based on information gathered and analyzed help to accurately target a core demographic and set obtainable goals.
4.  Develop a Strategy: Based on this research and goals set, begin developing a plan of action which includes defining the key elements of the marketing plan and lead time needed for execution.
5.  Create Tactics: Get creative and fine tune the tactics that are needed to succeed.  Most people start their marketing at this step, which is a wrong move because they would be missing the first four steps that define a successful neighborhood marketing strategy. A hard look at your calendar and budget are also imperative in this stage.
6.  Execute: Communicate the marketing strategy to your targeted demographic as defined by the set objectives, strategy and tactics.
7.  Evaluate: Every marketing strategy should be measured and tracked to evaluate how it performed. This information can be used in the gathering process of the next neighborhood marketing plan.