The Java Rum

Rim Glass – Sugar Dash – High Proof Rum (fully evaporated) Dash- Cinnamon ¾ oz. Coffee Liquor ¾ oz. Captain Morgan White Rum 6 oz. Hot Coffee Top with Vanilla Heavy Cream Garnish with a Doughnut Hole

13 Tips on Running a Business

If you have a dream of starting your own business and want to be successful, here are 13 tips for making your new venture a success: Know Your Audience: Conduct your research on what type of people you’ll be selling to and learn about their habits and preferences. Then keep that research ongoing so you never […]

The Plight of Small Businesses

On my show Bar Rescue you know I’m all about dishing out tough love, which is usually directed at bar owners. These are small business owners who are intent on living their own unique versions of the American dream. But today, my focus has shifted. This time, I’m giving a little tough love to the […]

Drink Trends: Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Barrel-aging is a practice that is typically reserved for makers of bourbons and wines. But many bars across North America are catching onto the concept, with many of them introducing barrel-aged cocktails to their menus. How Does Barrel-Aging Work? A bartender will mix up several gallons of any given cocktail, called ‘batching’ – such as […]

10 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Home Bar

I know a thing or two about setting up the perfect bar, so I’m sharing with you everything you need to know to have an amazing home bar — including things you should avoid at all costs! Choose the Proper Setting: You don’t just stock a bar and call it a day. Instead, decide exactly […]

Marketing Strategies from Lululemon: A Billion Dollar Empire

Want your bar or restaurant to live up to its true potential? You could do a lot worse than to take a page out of the marketing book of Lululemon Athletica, which has managed to grow its brand into an impressive $10 billion empire. Sure, the Vancouver-based company isn’t in the hospitality business, but I […]

The Menu to Success

Many of the independent bar and restaurant owners I work with are surprised to learn that they can significantly increase sales by reformatting and simplifying their menu.

Fast Casual Restaurants Serving Up a Tasty Change

Fast casual restaurants like Five Guys and Chipotle are known for their premium food and contemporary décor. But many of these brands have discovered a way to not only distinguish themselves from their fast-food counterparts but also pull in business from fine dining and other establishments – and that’s by putting beer, wine and liquor right […]

National Lemonade Day

Bar Rescue Thirsty Lemonade Cocktail

When life hands you lemons….call Bar Rescue and my team of experts to make you a lemonade cocktail! Thirsty’s Lemonade (from Thirsty’s Roadhouse Bar episode) Ingredients: 1.5 oz Smirnoff Citrus Flavored Vodka 3 oz Lemonade 1 Splash Club Soda 1 Lemon Slice Directions: Shake Smirnoff Citrus Vodka and lemonade in shaker with ice, pour into rocks filled […]

Q&A with Jon Taffer

Taffer Take - Jon Taffer

Want to ask me a question? Tweet me with the hashtag #TafferTake and subscribe to my LinkedIn for updates. Do bar owners that don’t drink have a greater chance of success? YES – don’t build a bar for yourself, build it for your customers. At the end of the day, your customers are the ones that […]