With the proper planning, any bar can be successful. But it’s not all fun and games. Being a bar owner is more about grit than glamour, so be prepared to work hard and strive for excellence every single day.
With that in mind, here is the advice I would give any new bar owner on how to bring their idea to fruition, and how to succeed where so many others have failed.

The Idea Stage

As an added tip, form a relationship with the state and your vendors, and ask plenty of questions. Everyone will be willing to help. After all, when you make money, they make money, and everyone wins.


Familiarize yourself with all costs associated with opening and create a financial model to help guide your business decisions.


Build a Strong Team

Strive for Innovation and Growth

Your bar must continue to grow to survive. When it comes to innovation, listen to your customers and never deviate too far from the comfort zone that made your bar successful in the first place. Your aim should be to expand consistently without alienating your loyal customers. That’s what makes a bar – new or existing – great. Follow these principles and I’ll never have to meet you on a future episode of Bar Rescue.