XS - Nightclub and Bar Platinum Party - Jesse Waits and Jon Taffer
Saving the best for last, the Nightclub and Bar Convention concluded the three-day convention with the Platinum Party at XS Las Vegas, ranked the number one club in the Top 100 and the first venue to ever achieve the honor four times.
After stealing the show at the convention, attendees anxiously walked the red carpet for a private opening event where they were able to get an up-close look at the luxurious club. As attendees sipped drinks, networked and enjoyed the final party of the week, Jon Taffer, star of Bar Rescue and Nightclub and Bar president, was in for a surprise of his own.
XS’ Executive Director of Nightlife Marketing Ronn Nicolli cut the music and took over the mic as he called Taffer on-stage. As confetti rained down on a shocked Taffer, the XS executive staff led the model cocktail servers with their light wands waving in the air to the stage. Once the procession was complete, Jesse Waits, Nicolli, John Wood and Yannick Mugnier presented Jon with a gold trophy and a Lifetime Achievement Award. The plaque honors Jon’s career, which has been devoted to leadership in the hospitality industry, providing vision and guidance to nightclub and bar owners across the country. The five friends talked about the convention while posing for photos and enjoyed the night together.
Once the private party ended, David Guetta stepped up to the DJ booth as many guests joined party goers who flocked to the dance floor and celebrated into the early morning hours.
XS - Nightclub and Bar Platinum Party - Ronn Nicolli, Jesse Waits, Jon Taffer, John Wood, Yannick Mugnier
Written by Tamara Sewell for YesWeekly Blog