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In celebration of 6 amazing seasons of Bar Rescue, Jon takes you back to his most memorable moments while on set. Taffer talks behind the scenes, how the show has impacted his life and more on this special episode. Plus Jon takes your calls and answers your questions. Shut it down with another awesome podcast...

Jon chats with author of "Ghost: My Thirty Years as an FBI Undercover Agent", Mike McGowan. For over 30 years, Special Agent McGowan successfully infiltrated the Italian LCN (a.k.a. La Cosa Nostra/ "The Mob"), Russian Organized Crime groups, Mexican Cartels, Outlaw motorcycle gangs, contract murderers and corrupt politicians. Jon dives deep with Mike as he describes what it is like to gain the trust of some of the most dangerous men in the world. Plus Taffer talks about the biggest business failures of all time. Jon also takes your calls and answers your questions.

Post President's Day Jon sits down with the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, inside the UFC Headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Jon discovers how Dana got involved in the UFC and how he made it one of the biggest sports in the world. Plus Taffer talks U.S. Presidents... How much did they have when they came into office? How much money do they have now? And how much money did they increase after leaving office? The answers will fascinate you. Jon also takes your calls and answers your questions.

Jon chats with Derek Stevens, owner of both the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino and The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Stevens is also rightfully known as this generations Steve Wynn. Derek is helping transform Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas back to the electric and fun gambling center it used to be.. Jon dives deep with Derek Stevens and discovers his background and what it takes to run a hotel casino in Fabulous Las Vegas. Plus Taffer talks big business on Valentines Day and breaks down the six most common excuses people use from his New York Times best selling book, Don't Bullsh*t Yourself. Jon also takes your calls and answers your questions. Shut it down with another amazing podcast.

Award winning magician Piff the Magic Dragon, is best known for his appearances on America's Got Talent and residency at The Flamingo in Las Vegas. John van der Put, also known as Piff the Magic Dragon ads comedy to magic with attitude. Jon Taffer sits down with Piff and his dog Mr. Piffles and discovers where the costume came from, how a tiny dog helped him become a star and how America's Got Talent impacted his career. Plus Taffer talks sports! Coming off a not so exciting Super Bowl, Jon breaks down how sports are a lot like the bar business. Jon also takes your calls and answers your questions. Shut it down with another amazing podcast...