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Jon's busting out failing businesses in this epsiode of No Excuses. Plus Jon sits and talks with comedian and actor Bill Engvall. After discovering women and beer in college Bill tells Jon about his early beginnings as a DJ and getting a job at a comedy club. Hear about Bill's time on Dancing with the stars and find out what he wishes he did different. How did Bill's drive and discipline lead him to a successful entertainment career.

In this episode Jon talks to his good friend actress, former Playboy model, & TV/ Sirius XM radio host Jenny McCarthy. Jenny talks about growing up in a home with conservative parents and breaking out on her own. From bouncing checks and jumping out of a window to avoid police to her amazing journey to Playboy and Hollywood fame her story is one you don't want to miss. Plus Jon catches up with one of his favorite Bar Rescue owners Shelton from the infamous Kabash episode. Find out how he is doing today!

In this episode of No Excuses with Jon Taffer its all things Bar Rescue! Jon follows up with Guy Wavra of MoonRunners Saloon. Hear first hand about how the bar is doing since Jon's visit. Also Jon talks with Bar Rescue Executive Producer Bechara "Bicha" Gholam to get a never before first hand look of what it takes to produce the successful tv series. Plus Jon reflects on the 1 yr anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting and how the city has come together to heal. He talks about why Starbucks is losing to it's newest competitors, should there be rules in politics, and shuts down listener excuses in his live caller segment.

Jon is joined by attorney, agent, and producer Mark Itkin. Mark talks about becoming an attorney only to realize he wanted something more in his life. Find out how he got into the television business and helped to shape the current Reality TV show genre. From his first show American Gladiators to Hells Kitchen, Real World, and so many more Mark shares his secret to creating great content and discovering great hosts. Plus Jon catches up with Mike and Jocelyn of Big Mikes Sports Bar and Grill after their time on Bar Rescue. Hear how the bar is doing after the Hurricane restoration and hear their message to current hurricane victims.

Jon talks to co-founder and CEO of celebrated retail cannabis chain Medicine Man- Andy Williams. Find out how this cannabis pioneer took $150,000 and turned it into multi million dollar cannabis empire. Plus Jon catches up with Bar Rescue Puerto Rico El K'rajo bar owners Victor and Janet. Hear Jon's first follow up with this couple after Hurricane Maria devastated the Island. Find out how are they doing and hear about their real Bar Rescue experience.