Why Going To A Bar Helps Your Business [Entrepreneur interview]

Everybody needs to unwind. Maybe you hit a local bar or restaurant and have a drink or two. Perhaps you eat some food. Watch a game. Catch a live music performance. But even at a bar, there’s an opportunity to learn more about your customers and grow your business. Being an entrepreneur is about connecting […]

The 3 Ways to Split Your Time to Grow Your Business (Entrepreneur)

Even the most passionate and dedicated business professionals need a break from time to time. You work too hard and too much at one thing and you’re sure to burn out. That’s why Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer suggests balancing your time between three things: Working in your business Working on your business Getting away from your business

3 Ways to Build Connections and Community

Entrepreneur Jon Taffer

For bonds that last in business, build relationships. There are a number of ways your business could benefit from building relationships and creating community. But remember, a business owner can’t build a community alone. Your employees can make or break an atmosphere so make sure your current staffers are PASSIONATE about your business and can […]

How to Sell Experience: Tips from John Sculley, Dylan Lauren and Jon Taffer

Instead of focusing on product features and functions, stand out by selling an experience to your customers. Former Apple CEO John Sculley accomplished this through “experience marketing” in the company’s infamous first ‘1984’ ad, focusing on how the product would make someone feel. Dylan Lauren, founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, accomplishes the same excitement through […]

Experts Share Ways to Filter out Distractions: Weekly Tips

When running a business don’t waste time on meaningless distractions. We spoke to a range of experts including Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer, filmmaker Casey Neistat and Hayzlett Group CEO Jeffrey Hayzlett who share ways to focus on what really matters for your business.

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer to Entrepreneurs: Firing People Is Part of Your Job

As a business owner, you’re like a coach and your employees are your team members. You start your strongest players and bench the others who aren’t playing well. Entrepreneurs can’t be afraid to call the difficult shots, says Bar Rescue host and service-industry authority Jon Taffer. As much as you want to be growing and […]

Cope Like a Boss: Tips from a Bar Expert and Beauty Mogul

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, running into challenges and setbacks is inevitable. Our experts, ranging from bar industry expert Jon Taffer of TV’s Bar Rescue, to Essie Weingarten, the founder of the nail polish empire Essie, share actionable strategies and approaches to help you maximize your time and focus on the problems you […]

Jon Taffer and Terrell Owens: Stay Laser-Focused on What Really Matters

Running a company can pull you in many different directions. To regain clarity, focus on what really matters. First, keep your reputation on point by mastering the art of reaction management, says Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue. This strategy can help you evoke the right responses from those who matter, whether it’s your customer or boss. Also, it’s […]