Dont Reopen, Reset

What changing customer perceptions mean for your bar in the age of COVID-19.

5 Questions With Dan Schawbel: Episode 84: Jon Taffer

Dan Schawbel asks Jon Taffer how entrepreneurs can build trust during a crisis, how his first job as a bartender made him empathetic, what successful relationships have in common, how he’s addressed his own excuses and his best career advice. Learn More

Getting Back To The Beach

  Two experts talk about how Jersey Shore bars and restaurants might rebound from the COVID-19 shutdown. Learn More

Resetting America w/ Jon Taffer

This Pandemic is going to end and we are going to be challenged with going back to business in the weeks to come which means we have to operate, communicate, motivate differently than ever before. Let’s ignite this together and #RESETAMERICA

"Should You Have a Secret Account?” with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer

Many people have bank accounts they hide from their significant other. Is that a good thing? Jason talks to a woman who’s hidden all her savings, Nicole argues that secret stashes are financial empowerment, and Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer argues for radical transparency.

Jon Taffer on Barstool Sports KFC Radio

Jon Taffer visits the new studio and chats with KFC and John about Big Brain, his new show Marriage Rescue, bar fights, and sharing you location with your spouse.