October 15 marks the celebration of National Red Wine Day (as if we needed an excuse!). Here are some red wine facts:

Try some of these red wine favorites by our Bar Rescue experts:
Mia Mastroianni (@Tall_Mia)
Mia Mastroianni Bar Rescue Red WineI’ve started appreciating wines and studying them even more over the past few years. What I’ve learned is that everyone’s palate is different, so wine-tasting is subjective. I think the key is to figure out what style you enjoy, and then experiment with different labels. If I’m dining out, I’ll usually try the house Pinot Noir which is typically lighter-bodied and pairs well with most food. At home, my go-to has become a California blend called Apothic. It’s very smooth and approachable, with deep fruit notes and just a hint of spice.

Lisamarie Joyce (@oh_lisamarie)
Lisamarie Bar Rescue Red Wine

My favorite red wine is the Menage a Trois Red Wine Blend. Hands down, I always have a bottle of this on my wine rack. It’s delicious, balanced, silky, and soft – why choose between Merlot, Cabernet, or Zinfandel? This blend gives you ALL THREE which exposes the fresh, ripe, jam-like fruit flavors that is the calling card of California wine.