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(In reference to the article by Inc: “To Attract Millennials, Hillary Clinton Needs to Embrace the Sharing Economy“)

Candidates must connect with voters to create excitement in order to win the election. By avoiding the press, the conversations, and the issues that the American people care and want to hear about, Hillary Clinton has created a distance between her and the voters. Without at least giving the appearance of an open, honest communication and accessibility, I do not see how Hillary can reconnect with her voters. My knowledge of human nature tells me that as long as Hillary prefers to remain “separate” on certain issues, she will be “separate” from the voters.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump’s popularity grows in spite of some very foolish statements and actions. The reason being is that Trump is actually going out there with his personality and communicating with people, which establishes some sort of connection. In order to get excitement and momentum back, Hillary needs to step up, come clean, communicate, and BE ACCESSIBLE!