Air Date: July 5, 2015
Season 4, Episode 22 – Emergency Exit
Location: Reno, NV
Description: Before he’s able to save a bar from spiraling out of control, Jon Taffer is forced to navigate a turbulent partnership between an ex-pilot and his ex-girlfriend that’s neither business nor pleasure.
The Story
In 2011, former airline pilot Gary Telfer decided to open an Irish bar, called Murphy’s Law, with his then-girlfriend Maria. Not having enough money for the down payment, he approached his friend; a bartender named Nellie, and asked for $25,000. This meant that Gary and Maria (who didn’t put up a cent) each owned 40% and Nellie owned the remaining 20%.
The bar held its grand opening in 2014 earning an impressive $7,000 in the first week. Shortly after, Gary’s relationship with Maria began to deteriorate. Devastated by the breakup, Gary was unable to handle the duties as an owner and began to put more effort into saving his relationship with Maria, rather than tending to his bar.
Nellie did his best to keep things going but, with no help from the estranged couple, the business started to fold. It was clear there wasn’t any leadership or order in the bar. Frustrated, and in an attempt to prevent further losses, Gary made a call to Bar Rescue.
The Recon
During the recon, Jon found that kitchen had a number of violations, the biggest being that it had wooden walls and surfaces; which is against code.
As the night progressed, Maria was observed drinking and playing the slot machines. In addition, Jon found himself in the middle of a brawl between Nellie and Gary. Once he calmed everything down, Jon mentioned the potentially hazardous situation regarding the kitchen. Jon had his team install Fire Resistant Paneling. The next day Jon fired Maria; a decision that everyone felt was for the best.
For the renovation, Jon installed a new kitchen into the bar; complete with an electric skillet, flattop, fryer, and additional storage space. Jon changed the name of the bar to Money Bar and gave it the look of an old-fashioned casino; in order to pay homage to 1930s post Prohibition Reno. He also added more bar stools, which changed the seating capacity from 27 to 60.
The Result
The re-launch was largely successful, impressing many of the patrons with the bar’s new look. Six weeks later, the Money Bar’s food and beverage sales were up 20%. Gary is proud of the progress that the bar is making and Nellie was able to finally start paying back his loan.
The owners decided to not stick with the name changed and went back to using Murphy’s Law. The reviews on Yelp have been less than impressive.
Featured Cocktail: The Vesper
To pay tribute to the post Prohibition era, famed mixologist Gerry Graham, came up with a new take on an old favorite. The recipe is as follows:
What you need:
¾ oz Tanqueray London dry grin
½ oz Smirnoff vodka
¼ oz French Aperitif
Flamed lemon peel
What to do:
Mix all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour over ice. Garnish with the flamed lemon peel