If you’ve ever watched Bar Rescue on SPIKE TV, you know that executive producer and host Jon Taffer isn’t shy with his opinions. His
no-nonsense approach to helping struggling bars turn around their fortunes has made Bar Rescue the highest-rated program on the network. Now Taffer is doling out tough love to another segment of the market: restaurants. His new show, Hungry Investors, debuted in May on SPIKE TV, and also features chefs John Besh and Tiffany Derry. Each episode, the trio visits two restaurants—both serving the same type of food in the same city—that need a cash investment in order to live up to their potential. To win the cash, each restaurant owner must prove the merits of his or her business, demonstrating why it’s a better investment than its competition. (Taffer says his favorite episode of the series so far is the Jewish deli episode, slated to air at the end of September.)
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