Valentine’s Day—the annual holiday you probably either love or hate. There are tons of ways to celebrate this love-fueled holiday (a fancy dinner with a loved one or a great cry-sesh to your favorite romantic comedy, depending on your mood), but my favorite way to celebrate happens to be with a great cocktail by my side—no surprise there. Today, then, I’m breaking down my favorite Valentine’s Day Drinks for all types of tastebuds—because everyone deserves a little self-love in the form of a great drink on February 14th.

For the Classic-Cocktail Guru:

For those who want to stick to something a little more traditional, I love the idea of crafting up a Valentine’s Day take on a classic martini. I recommend opting for a Blood Orange Martini: 

 Shaking together

4 fluid ounces of top-shelf vodka,

½ fluid ounce of triple sec 

2 ounces of fresh blood orange juice

Garnish the drink with a blood orange slice and, for those who want to add a little something sweet, a sugar rim.

(Taffer tip: Freeze the Taffer-tini glasses before beginning the cocktail)

For the Chocolate Connoisseur:

I love a Chocolate Coffee Kiss for the coffee and chocolate connoisseur

This drink typically consists of:

¾ fluid ounces of coffee liqueur

¾ fluid ounce of Irish cream liqueur

½ fluid ounce of creme de cacao liqueur  

1 teaspoon of brandy-based orange liqueur combined in a mug

Fill the remainder of the mug with a great fresh-brewed coffee (I prefer a medium roast) and garnish the love-inspired drink with whipped cream and chocolate sauce or shaved chocolate.

For the Bubbly-Lover:


For those who love a good glass of champagne, you can’t beat a classic Strawberry Bellini on Valentine’s Day.

This festive cocktail typically consists of:

1 pint of fresh strawberries  

2 tablespoons of simple syrup

Blend together then strain the strawberry mixture. Pour it into two champagne flutes.

Fill the remainder of the flutes with champagne.

For a garnish, I recommend a fresh-sliced strawberry or, for those feeling extra festive, a white-chocolate-dipped strawberry.

Overall, finding a great Valentine’s Day drink is about working with classic cocktails and adding a little festivity in the form of color (think juices and fruits that will get you reds, pinks, etc.) or flavor (think anything sweet: chocolate, fruits, sugar rims, etc.). You can also find more festive recipes for all occasions with Jon Taffer’s Signature Bar Kits. The Signature Bar Kits not only come with everything necessary to create these tantalizing cocktails but are a thoughtful gift to give your loved one! Click here all 10 NEW Bar Kits
Do you have a great Valentine’s Day cocktail that cupid himself would love? Share your recipe with me in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how you plan on celebrating on February 14th.