Evolve Your Business

You’re thriving, great—now it’s time to set your sights even higher. By implementing a comprehensive strategic plan, you’ll see both short- and long-term goals achieved. With Taffer Consulting as part of your team, your business will flourish in the immediate future and will see steady growth for years to come!


Business Growth Plans


TCG Business Growth Plans are the culmination of over 35 years and hundreds of operations of experience. Each plan completely assesses every revenue opportunity for your business including all dayparts, seasons and operating hours to provide a full promotional and marketing program to jumpstart and develop powerful revenue growth results. Using Jon Taffer’s signature promotions, four walls marketing dynamics, neighborhood marketing techniques and renowned marketing skills and tactics, these plans can yield huge increases in revenue.
Market Analysis


Set your business up for success with the critical customer and marketplace and competitive data needed to position your brand in your marketplace to maximize its potential. TCG has experts to personally assess your local market.
Demographic Summary


Take chance out of the equation and target your efforts. TCG Demographic Studies provide full demographic information including retail demand for food & beverage, traffic count reports near your facility, trade and summary spending reports for beverage alcohol, leisure dining and much more! This combined data with TCG’s conclusions may forever change the way you position and promote your operation.
Expanding Operations


Entering growth mode and adding new operations can be the demise of great companies and concepts. TCG can completely review your operations, business structure, resources, corporate/central controls, and unit performance to create a Business Growth Plan that will protect your cash flow and investments. Each operator has different needs, approaches and goals….let TCG protect yours!


Your concept is only as good as your team, and TCG training is legendary. Through in-person training programs with TCG experts your team will become more effective sales people, and provide a consistent and powerful guest experience. These programs will change the dynamic of your business overnight the most successful guy in the business—Jon Taffer himself!
Productivity Efficencies


Working smarter and not harder is the only sustainable way to keep growing your business while maintaining profitability and your sanity. TCG can provide a full operations review and provide our legendary strategies to provide efficiencies and provide programs and tactics to improve your guest experience.

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