b'The Power of ConflictMost people try their best to avoid conflict. Its easy to think that the key to a happy workplace or marriage is to keep the peace and put confrontation off altogether. But, as Taffer knows best, conflict is a transformational toolif you know how and when touse it. If navigated strategically, it has the power to change minds, engage others, and create the energy necessary to move forward, whether individually or on the world stage. Conflict, like any skill, is a muscle that needs to be built through practice.In The Power of Conflict, Taffer brings his four decades of experience saving failing businesses to this issue, showing how confrontation, when handled the right way, strengthens people and solves problems. His approach is focused on deliberate conflict, otherwise known as conflict with a purpose. Eliminating conflict isnt always the answer; inevitably there will be times when it will arise. Confrontation can be used in a way to clear the air and get to the bottom of issues that, once resolved, can fortifyfriendships, ease tensions at work, and address frustrations before they have a chance to bubble over. With the rightstrategiesbefore, during, and after stepping into the arenayour adversarial moments become inflection points for growth. Offering dynamic tactics to master any kind of conflict, Taffer shows how to Engage in the right way (hint: time and place matter) Understand when yelling hurts and helps your case Listen without giving ground Use patience to win arguments and avoid escalationWith easy-to-follow advice that demonstrates how to best engage in constructive discourse to get theresults you want, The Power of Conflict provides you with the rules to argue smarter, uphold your values, and keep the conversation real. This step-by-step guide starts with the inception of the conflict and carries through the difficult conversations conclusion, arming readers with the skills and confidence to fight for their principles.'