b"BeveragesJon Taffer had a vision for the beverage program and enlisted master mixologist, Phil Wills of Bar Rescue, to create a variety of options for guests with new takes on cocktail standards as well as beloved classics. Our signature cocktails use some of the most advanced mixology techniques while staying on-trend and introducing photo-worthy cocktails that taste even better than they look. Taffer's Tavern has developed a fast-craft cocktail program that allows multiple flavor components in each drink, ensuring amazing taste, balance and presentation, with a focus on hospitality-worthy service. We have a diverse liquor selection with regional distillery influence. With a floor-to-ceiling bar display, guests will have an opportunity to see and try spirits they may not normally explore.You cant have a tavern without great beer! Taffer's Tavern has a beer program that delivers the perfect temperature draft beer every time its poured. As with spirits, the beer selection highlights local and regional choices. Our wine program is approachable and, in true innovator fashion, we utilize a preserving wine dispenser system to pour the freshest wine by the glass every time.Ergonomically designed, the bar itself helps keep the workflow seamless, allowing staff to focus on providing each guest a personal hospitality experience.60"