b'A BAR IS A BAR, BUT ATAVERN HAS SOULA tavern is a place of where people gather to eat drink andshare stories that date back to the times of ancient Rome.They are known as a gathering place and a landmark thatare a beacon of camaraderie for their communities.In taverns people mix together, you see men drinkingalongside the people they work for and the hierarchywashed away. Theres an unwritten code that people aresupposed to check their degrees at the door. You can find alawyer, university professor, taxi driver and dishwasher alltalking about politics, sports, their families and life.Taffers Tavern will be the place to go and gather withyour old friends and make new ones along the way. Withthe ice-cold beers, outstanding signature cocktails andmouth-watering food, it will keep you coming back weekafter week.'