b'Just in time for the 2021 holiday season, Jon Taffer unveiled a new extension to the Taffers Tavern brand with the launch of the new Enjoy at Home with Taffers Tavern line of premium entres. The consumer product line kicked off with the Signature Beef Shanka tender, fall off the bone Angus beef shank weighing in at 7lbsin Costcos nationwide.Typically, restaurant brands have hundreds of locations open before they can get their products into grocery retailers. Taffers Tavern comes with Taffers personal brand equity, which helped secure nationwide placement with Costco with just one location opena pace that is unheard of in the industry.Taffer partnered with Cuisine Solutions, ghost kitchen for TaffersTavern restaurants and the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, to bring this Enjoy at Home line to kitchens everywhere. Innovation is the backbone of Taffers Tavern and this joint-venture with Cuisine Solutions further brings the innovative food preparation technology of sous vide prepared dishes to consumers nationwide.Taffers Tavern will also feature the flavorful, showstopping entre in its Signature Sharing Menu available for large parties during the holiday season.'